Dart Container Corporation is a global leader in the production of food and beverage packaging. Three of our manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in California.

We are dedicated to environmental stewardship, focusing on recycling and working with communities to make recycling more accessible. Because of our environmental commitment, we invest millions in recycling innovation and modernization, helping to more efficiently and effectively recycle products commonly used by Californians.

An integral part of our partnership and commitment to California’s communities is our free RecycleSix® program. RecycleSix® allows residents to easily recycle—at no expense to taxpayers—foam #6 material. This includes items such as: foam takeout containers, cups, egg cartons and packaging.

How it works:

  • You designate a drop-off location for foam #6 material.
  • We (Dart) pick up the material and haul it to a facility to be recycled at no expense to taxpayers.

What types of foam ♸ are accepted?

Food and Beverage Containers

Food and beverage containers

Egg Carton and Foam trays

Egg cartons, meat trays and
*school lunch trays
*must be rinsed-off or minimally contaminated

Packaging Foam

Protective packaging with the #6 symbol, which is often used to package electronics

Please note: No packaging peanuts, please. Contact your local post office or parcel service to find out if they accept packaging peanuts for reuse.

How can my city partner with Dart?

  1. Submit the requested form at the bottom of this page for more information. A Dart representative will be in touch to discuss this opportunity.
  2. If your request to participate is approved, Dart will forward a brief contract tailored to your needs.
  3. Post a sign with instructions provided by Dart at the chosen material drop-off location. View a sample sign
  4. To ensure this program is successful, encourage residents to:
    • Make sure foam has the symbol on it..
    • Remove labels, tape, straws and lids.
    • Empty and wipe clean foam food and beverage containers.
    • Place foam containers in a clear or translucent bag.

Potential partners will need to meet the following requirements to be considered for participation in this program. You must:

  • Operate a recycling drop-off location for foam, including food and beverage containers, in California.
  • Open the drop-off facility to public institutions, community groups and residents.
  • Operate drop-offs at a facility that is accessible to a 53' long, 13'6" tall trailer
  • Not operate under an ordinance banning the use of foam #6 in your community.

What happens to recycled foam #6?

Dart condenses the material and forwards it to a recycler that will use it to make new products, such as crown molding, picture frames, office supplies and other everyday items. View a video that shows what happens when our Corona plant collects foam for recycling.

Fill out the following form to be contacted by a Dart representative:

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