Introducing Microgreen™

♳ Made with a minimum of 50% recycled PET bottles!

Made from #1 PET resin, this innovative material is manufactured exclusively by Dart. Lightweight and insulated, this resin is comfortable to hold whether your application is hot or cold. You will be amazed at how this cup performs—all while helping keep PET bottles out of landfills and enhancing your environmental image.

Made with Recycled Materials

Microgreen cups contain a minimum of 50% recycled materials and can be branded with your logo or custom design. Display your commitment to the environment in a bold, personalized way!

CO2 Emissions

A case of cups using 50% rPET reduces C02 emissions equal to driving 8.9 miles.

Stacking Height

Microgreen’s innovative cup design saves space. It is a stackable solution unmatched by other hot or cold cups.

Save Time and Ease Frustration

Microgreen’s lip stack makes for easy separation that can be executed with just one hand and no time wasted.

Dual-Purpose Insulated Recycled PET

Insulated recycled PET keeps hot and cold beverages at their ideal temperature when using Microgreen cups. Having one cup for hot and cold drinks gives you a simple solution to any beverage request.

One-Piece Design

Microgreen’s single-piece construction has no seams, minimizing leaks.

This economical cup has a thoughtful design to help your business meet its sustainability needs. Download the Microgreen Literature Sheet for product specs.

Contact your Dart representative to learn more!

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